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Ideating, proposing, and designing timelines and production schedules complete with detailed itineraries we take pleasure in managing all aspects in a bid to make your special day an incredible one that will be always remembered. Coordination and execution of destination weddings, arranging for the procurement of wedding and event-related licenses, setting up and organizing wedding and event registries at your preference, we at Imagin Weddings can handle it all!

Every wedding has a different set of customs and rituals. We customize each ceremony according to your requirements and complete the detailing accordingly. We are trusted wedding planners in Kerala and work with you from start to finish to create a wedding that reflects the style and personality of the bride and groom. Although in-depth planning is our secret to success, we stick to it confidently. Wedding invitation cards, transport and logistics management, wedding gifting solutions, wedding cakes or trousseau packing, whatever it is, we are here to assist you to connect with the best wedding planners in Kochi. We care about making everything appear simple so that you can stay stress-free and on budget. Team Imagin Weddings gladly offers last-minute solutions to your problems and serves as a pillar of support during your and your family’s emotional journey through life.

We are well-known for our innovation, perfect execution, and discretion. Whatever your style or budget, we can make your dreams a reality. We strive to provide you and your guests with the best wedding services possible, attending to every detail while you sit and unwind from the event. Our professional team also works very hard to customize and care for each piece. We are one of the leading wedding planners in Kerala on a mission to make dream weddings a reality for couples all over Kerala.

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