Guest Management

Managing guests can be daunting as welcoming and looking after every guest at the wedding celebration is challenging. As we deliver the services of the best event management in Kerala, we provide and manage the total hospitality section making suitable arrangements for the accommodation & transport and ensuring that assistance is available for them at all times. We take care of everything to make the entire wedding go comfortable & pleasant so that you have a fantastic time at the wedding.

The creation of the wedding guest list is typically the first step in the wedding planning process. We Indians are exceedingly concerned about calling each relative we know to the occasion. Our family sees marriage as a sacred trust and would go to any length to attend your wedding. With Imagin Weddings, the best wedding planners in Kochi, your visitors will love you dearly as a reward for your hospitality and will appreciate you not just for an excellent time at the wedding, but for a relaxed and welcoming accommodation.

It’s difficult to provide the nicest welcome to families during the wedding season. Both the bride’s and groom’s relatives would be engaged with wedding preparations, finding it challenging, if not impossible, to welcome all of the relatives. We, at Imagin Weddings, the most well-known name in the field of best event management in Kerala, will arrange your invitation list and make certain that all of your guests are greeted and have adequate lodging.

 Imagin Weddings is the greatest among the wedding planners in Kerala, and we ensure that each of your guests is well taken care of. Our trained crew shines in gathering up a single guest or managing the complete guest pick-up process. Our team meticulously plans pick-up transportation following airline schedules. Through 24-hour help, our professional crew at the hospitality counter meets each of your visitors’ requirements. Meet and welcome visitors, check-in services, event reminder calls, breakfast, and many other duties are performed by a hospitality desk officer.

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